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Adoption and Designer babies


That korean post is not the first time that one, the US participates in illegal, harmful adoptions from POC nations. It kinda happens a lot. Like during the earthquake in Haiti were people were adopting and shipping out children who’s parents were looking for them all over the place, some thinking they were dead. And two, where people, again usually white, defend this stuff.

The assumption that the POC children will be better in America with a white family is just mind boggling. How dare you think that their parent’s are unfit with no bases? I am all for getting children into safe homes but stealing children is fucked up and ILLEGAL! 

And you think the fetishing couldn’t get better. We actually have a term, designer babies, for people who adopt Asian or African children and show them off like handbags. You dehumanizing shit stains.


(Source: shmurdamagicalgirl, via thisisnotkorea)

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    This is exactly what I was talking about. Which is why I give a side eye to white folk adopting Asian and Black/African...
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    The book, “The Red Market” does excellent work uncovering this and other human trafficking. It details Indian adoptions...
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    Not to mention these white people adopting poc babies will have no idea about the struggles the child will face growing...
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